Featured Equipment: Hitachi EX3600-5 excavator

Featured Equipment: Hitachi EX3600-5

Are you in the market for an excavator? Developed out of Hitachi's commitment to cutting-edge technology, the Hitachi EX3600-5 excavator is one of the most productive yet energy efficient excavators on the market. 

Engine power

The Hitachi EX3600-5 is driven by an incredibly powerful single diesel engine. Its massive 1400kW (1800hp) of output means that can handle even the biggest of tasks. Hitachi has long had a reputation for strong and reliable engines and this is one of the best that the company has produced.

Energy efficiency

Hitachi has responded to growing environmental concerns by producing equipment that is increasingly green and energy efficient. The Hitachi EX3600-5 is no exception. The engine features emission control, which means that it meets US EPA tier emission regulations. Instead of working at the same level all the time - regardless of the job - the engine modifies its output, so that exactly the right amount of power is produced, keeping emissions to a minimum. This is achieved through computer-manipulated engine-pump control.

Exceptional work capacity

The Hitachi EX3600-5 excavator can take on bigger jobs than many competing excavators because it is fitted with huge buckets. The loading shovel bucket boasts a capacity of 21 cubed metres, while the backhoe bucket is 22 cubed metres in size.

These impressive specifications are matched with large force maximums. The loading shovel can take 1200kN (122 000kgf, 269 000lbf) of arm crowding force and 1130kN (115 000kgf, 254 000lbf) of breakout force, while the backhoe is strong enough to take 1130kN (115 000kgf, 254 000lbf) of arm crowding force and 1050kN (107 000kgf, 236 000lbf) of bucket digging force.

What's more, the large bucket has been developed out of cutting-edge design techniques. It features a sharp tilt angle (seventy degrees), making sure that operating efficiency is kept to a maximum at all times. 

Tough and reliable

The Hitachi EX3600-5 is built around a solid cast track frame, which is non-welded and is unique to Hitachi's large equipment. It has been thoroughly analysed and tested using state-of-the-art computer software to make sure that heavy-duty tasks can be performed to an optimum standard. An array of design features add to the Hitachi EX3600-5's reliability, including the strategic positioning of oil coolers to keep temperatures down, high-mounted compact travel motors, roller guides to extend service life, and nitrogen gas accumulators, which absorb unwanted track tension.

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