Featured Equipment: Komatsu 830E Dump Truck

Featured Equipment: Komatsu 830E Dump Truck

For open cut mining applications there’s no harder worker than the dump truck, and none more suited to Australian conditions than the ultra-class dump truck, the Komatsu 830E-1AC.

What makes the Komatsu 830E-1AC different from many of its competitors is that it uses an electric drive system instead of a transmission/differential drive. In our latest feature, we explain this and the many other features of the 830E.

Key features of the Komatsu 830E-1AC

Known as a leader in the 240 tonne class of mining trucks, the Komatsu 830E-1AC delivers the lowest cost per tonne operations in the industry. Specification include:

  • Body capacity: 231,000kg
  • Transmission type: Diesel-electric
  • Power: 1,835kW
  • Unladen weight: 154,852kg
  • Heaped capacity: 147 cubic metres
  • Loading height: 6.71m
  • Dump angle: 45o
  • Engine model: Komatsu SDA16V160/Cummins QSK60
  • Operating weight: 385,852kg
  • Dimensions: 6.88m (H), 7.29m (W), 14.15m (L)

Electric drive

The Komatsu SDA16V160 engine is an electronically controlled, modular common rail system that provides 2500 gross horsepower via a flex plate to the main drive alternator. This electric drive system provides efficient transfer of power to the ground while demonstrating low fuel consumption and excellent reliability.

It has an Invertex II AC control system that offers independent control of the rear wheel motors, which in turn provides outstanding traction-ability during wet and slippery conditions, thus improving wear and operator confidence.

Single stage turbocharging also provides a smooth power curve with exceptional fuel economy and ease of maintenance. The system has full diagnostics and its modular assembly makes removal and replacement of the power module a breeze.

About Komatsu

Komatsu Australia is a leading manufacturer of earthmoving equipment, parts and service for the mining, construction and utility markets. It is in fact the second largest manufacturer of construction and mining equipment in the world, so you can be sure the 830E-1AC is from quality stock. The company has been around for almost 100 years, and is renowned for quality in design, engineering and service.

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