Featured Equipment: Hitachi ZX870H Excavator

Featured Equipment: Hitachi ZX870H Excavator

Hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders can both move materials at mine sites, but how do you know which one is more effective?

To start with, excavators thrive in limited working space and on poor footing.  While at the same time, they offer greater breakout force, more accurate dumping due to a higher cab, and reduced operator fatigue as they are generally stationary.

In this article, we take a look at one particular mine site excavator, the Hitachi ZX870H.

The new generation hydraulic excavators

The Hitachi ZAXIS-3 series new generation hydraulic excavators, which includes the ZX870H, are packed with a host of technological features – clean engine, Hitachi advanced hydraulic technologies, with strong undercarriage and front attachment, plus well matching of power and speed.

The ZAXIS-3 series can get the job done with proven productivity, durability and reliability, especially in heavy-duty excavation and quarry operations.

About the Hitachi ZX870H Excavator

Engine Rated Power: 397 kW / 532 HP
Operating Weight: 82 100 kg
Backhoe Bucket (SAE, PCSA Heaped): 2.9 - 4.5 m3
Backhoe Bucket (CECE Heaped): 2.6 - 3.9 m3
Loading Shovel Bucket (SAE, PCSA Heaped): 3.6 - 4.4 m3

It’s no surprise that heavy equipment manufacturers worldwide are striving for higher production yet lower fuel consumption in their machines, and Hitachi is no exception to this. The turbocharged 397 kW, Isuzu AH-6WG1XYSA-03 engine of the ZX870H excavator, together with its advanced hydraulic system, delivers 14% bucket digging force and 8% more arm digging force than conventional models.

Its strengthened undercarriage offers improved durability, especially in heavy-duty applications, with strengthened track links and upper brackets, as well as increased loading capacity and swing bearing.

The operator's seat of the ZH870H excavator gives the operator an excellent view of the jobsite. On the widescreen colour LCD monitor the operator can see what is behind the machine. The LCD monitor is also adjustable for day and night shifts, allowing operators to check maintenance intervals, select work modes, and monitor fuel consumption quickly and easily.

Ample legroom, short stroke levers and a large seat also ensure optimum working conditions for the operator during long hours.

Hitachi ZX870-H excavators for sale

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