Featured equipment: Komatsu PC3000-6 Excavator

Komatsu PC3000-6 Excavator for sale

Excavators are a crucial component to production on site, they are the lynch pin to maximizing production. Any downtime costs time, money and a few grey hairs. When looking for a used excavator for sale, consider the features of the Komatsu PC 3000-6 excavator.

Komtrax plus provides real time monitoring of vehicle health that can be downloaded to a laptop to predict and reduce downtime. At National Plant & Equipment we recognise plant and equipment sales of dependable equipment to secure production schedules.

Reliability and durability

Long life and low operation costs are factors to consider when looking at plant and equipment for sale. The engineering geniuses at Komatsu achieve this with a robust structural design that comes from years of experience in the toughest of site conditions combined with finite element analysis to ensure that each part of the excavator is working to its maximum potential.


Not all plant and equipment is created equal. When looking for excavators, a Komatsu for sale represents value for money. Designed for more tons per hour with proven attachment designs that make bucket filling a breeze, and with advanced hydraulics that give it extended reliability and precise control, a Komatsu facilitates maximum productivity.

Operator comfort is important when looking at an excavator for sale. The Komatsu PC3000-6 Excavator has a large comfortable cabin mounted on damping pas and is sound insulated. The cab has automatic climate control and is pressurised for comfort and safety. To keep the operator happy and productive there is an AM/FM radio with MP3 ready CD player. It is also mine spec ready and features fire suppression for safety and compliance.

Quick specs

940 (KW) Engine
1800 Rated RPM

Operating weights

264,898 ton:      Gross
2506-258 ton:    Shovel
252-261ton:       Bucket

Bucket capacities
Shovel 16 m³
Backhoe 16 m³

At National Plant & Equipment we will support your business with a high value partnership that provides you with flexible, reliable and dependable solutions that save money, by reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Call our expert plant and machinery sales team on 1300 794 448 for a mine spec ready Komatsu excavator for sale featuring fire suppression.