The world's northernmost and southernmost mines (Part Two)

"Viaduct La Polvorilla", Salta, Argentina

In our last blog post, we covered the world’s northernmost mines. Now, in part two of the series, we travel to the other end of the world and look at the southernmost mines on the planet, including the Australian mining industry.

The southernmost mines in the world

You might be surprised to learn that the southernmost mine in the world is not actually in Australia – it is located in Chile. In the Magalles y la Antártica, the world’s southernmost mine, Invierno, is located on Riesco Island. A land of ice fields and large glaciers, Invernio turned on the machines and equipment for mining coal in 2013, so it is a relatively new location.

The Riesco Island Project, in Chile, is by far the southernmost mine in the world. Because Chile is narrow and runs in a vertical line of longitude, the next southernmost mine, though not many degrees of latitude away from Invernio, is actually in Argentina.

Argentina is home to the next six southernmost mines in the world. One of them produces coal, but the rest produce gold and silver. As the region and terrain are extremely difficult in these areas, most of them are underground mines.

After another mine in Chile, the next two most southernmost mines at number nine and 10 on our southernmost mines list are in New Zealand. Both the New Zealand mines are open pit coal mines.

New Zealand has many mines. Like Australia, it has abundant natural resources. In New Zealand, they not only mine coal but also gold, silver, iron, and many other minerals. As with Australia, the mining industry is a large contributor to the New Zealand economy.

The New Zealand government partners with the Australian government in the protection of the environment and standards relating to many aspects of mining.

Australia mining doesn’t feature in the top (or bottom) ten southernmost mines in the world. Mining Australia is a big job that supports the social and economic status of our nation. Gold mining in Australia has created historical wealth and has been at the core of many population booms.

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