Coloured diamonds are now everyone's best friend

Coloured diamonds are now everyone's best friend

Fashion can be extremely fickle. At one moment, everyone wants rustic, minimalist jewellery, and the next, they may seem to desire intricate, gem-filled pieces. Now, the latest trend is for coloured diamonds - and it's not just fashion lovers that are seeking them out.

The star of the moment

Over the last decade or so, coloured diamonds have been steadily increasing in popularity. In fact, the Fancy Color Research Foundation's research found that, from 2006 to 2014, coloured diamonds experienced a total appreciation of 154.7% on average.

Well-known auction house Sotheby’s set a new world record for a Burmese ruby, selling it for US$8.4 million. The auction house also set a world record for sapphires it sold in Hong Kong.

People are realising that the supply of coloured diamonds is beginning to dwindle, making them more attractive and an excellent investment that will most likely retain value for the foreseeable future.

A coloured past

Coloured diamonds are formed in much the same way as regular diamonds; pure carbon is crystallised over 100 km beneath the earth's surface, and these gems are then transported upwards by volcanic eruptions.

The difference comes when other atoms are trapped in the precious stone as it comes towards to surface. For example, when nitrogen is introduced, blue light is absorbed, giving the diamond a yellow tint.

Some fun facts

As such a popular and fascinating gem, there are plenty of interesting facts about coloured diamonds, such as:

  • Red and blue are the rarest coloured diamonds
  •  Around one in every 10,000 diamonds is coloured
  • Brown and yellow diamonds are the most common, and therefore most affordable coloured diamonds, costing around one third the price of white diamonds
  • Colourless and coloured diamonds are frequently found in the same mine
  • The Argyle diamond mine in Australia produces 90 to 95% of the world's pink and red diamonds
  • Pink diamonds cost five to 100 times more than colourless diamonds, due to their rarity

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