How to rent earth moving equipment

How to rent earth moving equipment

So you've made the wise decision to rent, rather than buy, earth moving machinery for your next project. But if you're relatively new to the construction or earth moving equipment rental process, you may be unsure where to start. That's where we can help.

Identify your equipment needs and dates

First, be clear on exactly what piece of equipment you need. If you're finding it difficult to identify the best equipment for the job at hand, talk to the rest of your team and with potential suppliers before making your decision. Note down any features you need and any other specifications that are desirable. Also, make a note of the dates you need the machinery for.

Research costs

Next, you'll want to start researching suppliers and looking at the basic cost of rental - usually per day, week or month. You'll also want to consider the distance between the rental supplier and drop site, as the cost of transport or delivery can add significantly to the final cost.

Add additional fees

Remember to include other costs in your final estimations, such as insurance or environmental fees. While researching potential suppliers, ensure you understand all the fees related to the rental. You should also be aware that additional fees will be incurred if the equipment is returned in an unsatisfactory condition.

Choose a supplier

After you've got your needs and budget pinned down, investigate suppliers in more detail and find one that suits you. Make sure you look for testimonials and reviews, so you know the supplier is reputable. Also, ensure you stay firm with your budget and check the terms and conditions of rental contracts thoroughly. Ask the suppliers any questions you have about the equipment and rental contract; a good supplier will always be happy to help you and provide you with clear information.

Contact the experts

Here at National Plant & Equipment, we offer a wide range of earth moving machines for hire. We will work hard to ensure you have exactly the equipment that meets your project's needs. With our flexible approach and extensive experience, you can trust us to have what you need. Get in touch today to find out more.