Tips for managing production dozer owning and operating costs

Tips for managing production dozer owning and operating costs

There can be enormous variations when it comes to the cost of owning and operating bulldozers. Being able to manage your own operating and ownership costs is usually only achieved through the building of a solid and lasting relationship between the various stakeholders.

dozer owning and operating costs

Top 5 facts about the largest Caterpillar wheel loader


Late last year, Caterpillar launched its largest wheel loader ever, also known as the Caterpillar 994K Wheel Loader. Heavy machinery fans the world over have been marvelling at its sizeable increase in capacity, boosted power output and mechanical upgrades. Here are five facts about the new Caterpillar wheel loader that you need to know.

Caterpillar wheel loader

The future of Australian mining minerals: liquid natural gas (LNG)

LNG Terminal

Of Australia's many natural resources, liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been a significant one. Still, there have been questions about the future of Australian national gas and what to expect as the years go by. David Ledesma of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies released a report last September on this very subject.

liquid natural gas (LNG)

Size and scale to be your perfect strategic partner

Size and scale to be your perfect strategic partner

Here at National Plant & Equipment (NPE), our leading market position in heavy equipment rental and sales means we have the size and scale to become an ideal strategic partner to your business. Take a look at the reasons to see why we're sure we can help you.

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Caterpillar has a ride-on dozer for kids

Caterpillar has a ride-on dozer for kids

Are your kids mad about trucks, dozers and heavy equipment? Well, here's one sure-fire way to keep them entertained and get the most fun out of their day. It's a mini dozer, based on the Caterpillars used by grown-ups, which kids can ride and operate themselves.

ride-on dozer for kids

The future of Australian mining minerals: Nickel

Underground Mining Tunnel

So far, nickel hasn't played as a big a role in Australian mining as more common resources - namely, coal, gold, copper, iron ore and gas. However, there's no doubt that nickel is incredibly important to contemporary living. We use it to create powerful alloys that are resistant to rust and its useful qualities are numerous - from its ability to cope with extreme temperatures to its extraordinary malleability. One application for which nickel is crucial is the creation of stainless steel.


Featured Equipment: Hitachi EX3600-5 excavator

Featured Equipment: Hitachi EX3600-5

Are you in the market for an excavator? Developed out of Hitachi's commitment to cutting-edge technology, the Hitachi EX3600-5 excavator is one of the most productive yet energy efficient excavators on the market. 

Hitachi EX3600-5 excavator

The 2015 metals outlook

The 2015 metals outlook

In 2014 has been a shaky year for the mining industry, with massive write downs, layouts, and projects being terminated or delayed. In some cases exploration has come to a standstill, and for all of the primary metals there have been enormous decreases that have originated from record high prices. The story before last year was that metals such as iron ore and gold combined with high coal prices and created the mining boom, enhancing the national economy as it flew on China's coat tails.

The 2015 metals outlook

A new vision for mining's future

A new vision for mining's future

Check out this helpful infographic that was created following a 2012 meeting at the KIN Catalyst Conference, held in Brazil. At this meeting, a diverse mix of global leaders, representing not only business but also academia, NGOs, indigenous communities, employees, investors, faith-based organisations and government, discussed and debated the future of mining. For a year-and-a-half afterwards, a working group met to identify problems and figure out solutions.

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Could solar panel roads benefit all aspects of road transport?


To many people, solar panel roads sounded a bit like a crazy dream at first. When leading company Solar Roadways said they wanted to cover every single asphalt surface on the earth with panels, it was hard to imagine their idea becoming a reality. But, the more we think about it, the more we're starting to realise that solar panels could work. And now we're wondering what they might do, not only for this beautiful planet of ours, but also for road transport in general. Let's look at some possibilities.

solar panel roads