The future of Australian mining minerals: gold

The future of Australian mining metals: gold

A historical symbol of wealth and success, gold continues to stand out as one of the most desirable consumer products. But can gold keep its place as the most fashionable metal among investors?  Continuing our exploration of iron ore and copper last time, the team at National Plant & Equipment are taking a closer look at the future of Australian gold mining. 


Heavy vehicles and driver comfort

Heavy vehicles and driver comfort

It's no secret that, for drivers of heavy vehicles, comfort is a priority. After all, long hours spent in cramped or uncomfortable conditions can lead to pain, aches and major health problems. This is no good for employers either, as, ultimately; it can lead to seriously reduced productivity. Here are some tips for driver comfort and driver safety when using heavy vehicles.

comfort is a priority

The future of Australian mining minerals: copper


The first metal to be used and manipulated by man, copper has been an integral part of human history for seven thousand years. Today, copper remains just as relevant and indispensable as a thousand years ago because of its conductivity, and its ductile strength that allows it to be worked into thin sheets and line wires without fracturing.


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Caterpillar D11R dozer

The future of Australian mining minerals: iron ore

The future of Australian mining metals: iron ore

Iron ore is one of Australia's most abundant resources, as well as being one of the country's most valuable exports. As one of the world's major iron ore producers, Australia boasts the world's largest iron ore EDR at 25%. Considering these facts, there is still huge exploration potential for this metal, which looks set to continue as an important commodity for the country.

Iron ore

Drones in mining take automation to a new level


In both Australia and overseas, mining companies are looking at taking automation to the next level with drones. They join robots and driverless vehicles in the high-tech frenzy that is slowly overtaking mining. For an industry that, traditionally, depends on large numbers of labourers, it's a major change. The long-term impact is difficult to judge, but it looks like drones will allow mining companies to cut back on costs and enable the surveying of areas that are considered either too remote or hazardous.

Drones in mining

Not all doom and gloom for Australia’s construction industry


The construction industry is constantly evolving in Australia, thanks in part to the quickly changing nature of the national economy. As a construction equipment hire company, at National Plant & Equipment we keep our finger on the pulse of this turbulent sector, and with this in mind, we've highlighted some of the key performance trends of the industry over the last couple of years. Here's a look back at recent Australian construction industry performance.

Australia’s construction industry

Safety tips when renting heavy machinery

Breaker Giant Kango Hammer

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Falls from working at height, slips and trips, exposure to loud noise or being struck or crushed by heavy machinery are just a few of the hazards and risks workers encounter on site. Site traffic patterns and terrain can vary, together with working alongside other contractors, can present added levels of complexity and risk when operating rented heavy machinery.

Safety tips

Largest producer of gold

Largest producer of gold

Did you know that Australia is the world's second largest producer of gold? Maintaining near or above over 8 million ounces of gold production almost all of the last decade.


Website Sheds New Light on Australian Coal Industry


The recently launched Australians for Coal website is part of an integrated campaign to clear up misconceptions about the Australian coal industry and help all Australians understand the importance of the industry to the country as a whole.

Australian Coal Industry