Dump Trucks

Komatsu HD785-5 Dump Truck

This high-output Komatsu HD785-5 Dump Truck features a Komatsu engine with low fuel consumption. 

Featuring 7-speeds, fully automatic K-ATOMiCS (Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimum Modulation Control System) transmission for smooth acceleration and deceleration. This dump truck is also oil-cooled multiple-disc retarder and has a hydropneumatic suspension for a smooth ride for the operator.

The Komatsu HD785-5 Dump Truck has a sturdy, refined frame and tough body for quarry and easy maintenance from the ground. The electronic intelligence gives the operator increased control and reduces downtime.

Auto grease, fire suppression.

Type: Dump Truck
Manufacturer: Komatsu
Model: HD785-5
Year: 2002 & 2004